Chol Hamoed Sukkos was highly eventful for traveling Mohel, Rabbi Yossi Simon of Tzivos Hashem in the UK.

Rabbi & Mrs Avremi Greenberg Chabad Shluchim in Shanghai, China had been blessed with a baby boy who need a bris; and, in addition, an Israeli couple living in South Korea also needed a bris for their baby son.

11 hours flying to China; then, flying on to Korea. Could Rabbi Simon be back for last days Yom Tov? A Sukkah in China is not a problem thanks to the Chabad shluchim, but South Korea?

Early Sunday morning, Rabbi Simon set off with his Mohel kit; lulav and esrog, and a Pop-up Sukkah! The flight out was long and hungry, but otherwise uneventful and the bris in China went as planned: Then on to Korea where the proud parents were not only able to celebrate the bris of their son, but, thanks to Rabbi Simon’s forward planning they were able to shake lulav and esrog and make a leishev ba’Sukkah.

Rabbi Simon arrived home on Wednesday just in time for Yom Tov, much to the relief of his family!