The future decision makers of the U.K. rolled up their sleeves to make matzos with Rabbi Yossi Simon of Tzivos Hashem UK.

Tzivos Hashem of the UK is currently on the road with their Model Matzah Bakery to 25 locations travelling through the Greater London area.

From winnowing and grinding wheat into flour the participants go through the whole process of making hand baked Shmura Matzah all in the 18-minute time limit.

You really feel as if you are in a real Matzah Bakery, with a mill stone for grinding the wheat and the different cubicles for "water" "flour" and "kneading". All are dressed like bakers with hats and aprons on.
"Pesach really comes to life," says Jo Bloggs, one of the participants.

From Kindergartens to old age homes- every presentation is tailor made for that particular group.

A few days ago it was the future decision makers of the U.K who rolled up their sleeves to make matzos, when Rabbi Yossi Simon of Tzivos Hashem brought the Model Matzah Bakery to the well known English Public School, Eton College.

Mr Michael Wilcockson, Head of Divinity joined with the boys to hear Rabbi Simon explain the concepts of Pesach. The boys were fascinated with the ideas of chametz representing ego and matzah representing humility.
As always, Rabbi Simon's presentation was sprinked with stories and ancedotes.

The boys were plied with Kosher for Pesach refreshments. Nowadays, with scandals about food contents rearing their ugly head at every turn, they understood that it makes total sense to have food that is supervised and checked, especially for all the stringencies of Pesach.

The Matzah Bakery is part of ongoing programmes that Tzivos Hashem run throughout the year at Eton College.

Students know when Tzivos Hashem comes its always an extraordinary programme and great refreshments.