The largest Menorah in London is located at the Golders Green tube station. Over 1,000 people attended the lighting.

A public Menorah lighting takes place each night of Chanukah at London's largest Menorah at the London Underground station in Golders Green.

Each night Guests of Honor, Counsellors, Rabbis, the local Mayor, an Israeli Ambassador, and Talk Show Personalities are the guests of honors as well as different Chazzonim, singing traditional Chanukah songs.

Over 1,000 people attended on Sunday for "Kids Night." Jews of all walks of life and Shluchim from all over London attended with their children.

MC Rabbi Yossi Simon, organizer of the event, began the program, which started with the 12 pesukim by 12 different children, and a fire and unicycling show.

Singer Eli Tamir kept the crowd dancing, and clowns added spirit to the evening. The bochurim from Yeshivah Gedola and Ketana helped with the program, and hundreds of Chanukah gifts were distributed.

Doughnuts, Chanukah Gelt and dreidels were given out to everyone there.

The Menorah lighting for the week is organized by Rabbi and Mrs. Yossi Simon and Dr. and Mrs. Bunim Weinbaum