Dear Rabbi Simon,

Thank you for sharing such an important event in our family.

Best regards,

Family F

Dearest Rabbi Simon

Thank you for making todays simcha so special and run so smoothly.

I felt very relaxed and happy BH! You are truly an inspiration and a very special man......

Thank you for playing such an important and memorable role in our life.


Dear Yossi

Just a note to say thank you for helping us yesterday.

The success of the Simcha was down entirely to you on the day. From the moment you camein and took charge in a quiet and modest way and gave your time so freely, this made it an exceptional event in my life.

The secret of your success actually is that you approach everything in such a down to earth way, we all immediately feel part of it.

From the minute you met this baby some weeks ago right up until yesterday, your attention to detail has been quite marvellous.


Dear Rabbi Simon,

Many thanks for all your help after the birth of our precious twins. A special extra thank you is given for the amazing care and dedication before, during and after the brissim. May Hashem gove you much needed stregth to continue in all the special work you do for the community and beyond.


Dear Rabbi Simon,

Thank you. For all your kindness. You have done a great mitzvah for our family.

Mazeltov and Thank you!

-C L

Dear Chanie and Yossi, thank you for the tremendous help you gave us after Menachems birth; helping set up for the bris, making supper, hosting my mother and for the cute babygro for Menachem. A huge thank you to Rabbi Simon for the professionalism and expertise in the days leading up to and the after care following Menachem's bris. You were professional in every aspect - Menachem's care, calming the parents and in conducting the bris and ceremony. May Hashem bring you and your family many many brochas in gezunt, parnossah, nachas and hatzlocha in all that you do.
- Familly C

Dear Rabbi Simon, thank you for this great mitzva. We hope that our son will keep Judaism deep in this heart for his whole life. Toda Raba! -A and M

Dear Rabbi, we wanted to say a big thank you for making our simcha so special. You have been fantastic. Raphael is doing really well. - C & S

Words can't express our appreciation to you for your amazing way of performing such a special Mitzvah.
May Hashem give continuous strength to you to be able to perfrom this Mitzvah to many more Yidisher Kinder.
- Mr & Mrs A

Thank you so much for being so accomodating with our sons Bris. We really appreciated all your follow up calls...
We admire all the amazing work you do.
- S & L

Thank You! The feedback we got from the bris was far beyond the standard. People were totally uplifted and really enjoyed the simcha. Thanks for taking care of Shneur Zalman, he will know you for life.
- S & T

We wanted to thank you for coming out to Basildon to conduct the Bris of Ira (Yaakov). We also very much appreciate both the follow up care you gave Ira and the siddur you sent for him - we have been reading him the Shema every night.
- M & S

Thanks for such incredible service and putting everyone at ease. You have been incredible!
Special thanks to your wife for lending you to us over Shabbat. Thank You!!
- M & B

Thank you so much for carrying out the Brit for Zac, we really appreciated your kind and relaxed approach which allowed us to feel a lot more comfortable on the day!
- V & D

Thank you for all your efforts in ensuring that Oriel's brit went as smoothly and easily as possible and for your excellent aftercare that was most professional.
-S & T

Thank you for performing the Brit of our son and for making the experience more meaningful for us and all who attended.
-Y & D

Thank you very much for the care and support for Alfie, during and after the Brit, you showed great commitment, sensitivity and thoughtfulnes, and therefore made the whole process a little more bearable.
-D & S

I just want to give a heartfelt thank you, recommendation and endorsement of Rabbi Yossi Simon of Tzivos Hashem UK for anyone in the UK looking for a Mohel. He just did our firstborn son and his attitude, particularly before and after-care, was exemplary. He came from London to Cardiff-over 4 hours roundtrip- no less than FOUR times, to check the baby beforehand, to check the baby AGAIN and on the day of the brit (mainly to reassure his parents) and then came back to take off the dressing the next day. The local doctor who has helped us out was also phenomally impressed.
In addition, the baalei batim were delighted and grateful for the lucid insights and explanations which Rabbi Simon provided to enhance the whole brit ceremenony.

Thanking you very much for taking care of our baby after his Brit. It was very reassuring for us to know that we could call you any time!
-S & L

We would like to thank you for your guidance and support leading up to today.
We are understandably relieved it is now all over, but are delighted he is carrying on such a special tradition.
-Z & B

We wish to thank you for the beautiful Brit ceremony you conduced for Daniel, and for the kind, personal care and attention you showed for him and us at this very special time.
-C & J

We would like to thank you for a warm and meaningful Brit Milah ceremony. We are glad his Jewish Mitzvot started and we hope he continues on the right path.
-P & G

Many thanks for performing the Mitzvah of 'Brit' for our son Raz and in particular your exceptionally professional attitude and attention to detail with such genuine Chessed.
-T & R

We just wanted to say thank you again for hosting such a special evening for us on the occasion of Seligs pidyon haben.It was great to be with your family and ours too,and has left us with such special memories.The food was delicious too!!
Hope to see you again soon
with love
Melanie,David and Selig